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Maria Santos

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Camera Recording in the House
Pink Gradient


It was my first advertisement, so I was still learning how to edit and use cameras throughout the process. I had fun with this project and I enjoyed working on it. I was still learning how to use cameras and edit during the process of creating my first advertisement.

Pink Gradient

Short Films 

I enjoyed doing this project in a group so I could work as a team and include everyone's ideas and be a good team member. I have finished my other short film, it was so fun to film and i learned a lot more about camera work and editing during the pre-production and production this short film. 

Pink Gradient

ID and Head Animation

The purpose of this project is to explore new techniques in Adobe Premier Pro, such as frames and layer titles.

Pink Gradient

3D Animation

The section contains both 3D and 2D animations. The animations are fun to make since I got to edit, film, and shoot, but the only difficult thing about animation is that it takes a long time. 

Pink Gradient


Since I've never done a documentary before, it was a fun experience learning about the camera because I wasn't used to it but I really enjoyed the final product.

Pink Gradient
  • MS Office, MS Word, MS Powerpoint, etc... 

  • Creative Writing 

  • Editor 

  • Video Production 

  • Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc... 

  • Happy on a Mac or PC 

  • Animation 

About Me

Summary about me 
  • Organized, Communicative, and Teamwork 

  • 2 Years of media experience in level 3 media course 

  • Always has a positive attitude 

  • Flexible 

  • Quick learner 

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